Mist at dawn. A swamp, the world. Right above the surface of the water cautious reptilian eyes.
Humans are just a far away prospect in the wetlands, inhabited by creatures that we only know from tales and relics.
A jolt and the eyes disappear in the shallow dark waters, leaving behind a rippled surface and silence.

It is believed that at that time, animals, plants and elements were one inseparable thing. It was an inhuman world, chaotic and ruthless for us but yet balanced.

The custodians of this balance were three creatures. Their names were unknown to anyone, we will just call them ‘the creatures’.

They were not above any living being, because in that order of things everyone had their own part that made the world spin.
The boundaries between dirty and clean were not defined as we know them today. Everything was in the process of constant transformation and each step in this dynamic movement was considered important. The creatures maintained these processes and filtered the water through their strange bodies when it was necessary.
They did this for a really long time, contributing to the dynamic nature of ecosystems alongside other species. They were respected, but respect was mutual and unquestionable between all sources of life.

Nothing stays the same forever. Changes always come, whether they are good or bad.
When a new species appeared changes were just about to come.
At the beginning no one was bothered by the newcomers since they well respected the established equilibrium. But slowly they grew out in number and with them, waste.
This tested the patience of everyone, especially the one of the creatures that couldn’t live anymore as they did before.

The water started to become purple, the air was so thick that it was hard to breathe. It wasn’t the creatures fault, they were not lazy or tired of doing their job; they just couldn’t handle the amount of waste that the visitors were producing recklessly.
They couldn’t stand the sight of their home being destroyed and after a long time of hesitation, they left.

Things didn’t get better since then; bigger buildings were built, more forests were destroyed and machines were made to purify the whole world. Nobody knew where the creatures went and their absence didn’t bother the machine makers since people started to get used to this new world.
Things stayed as they were for some time.

The world, a smelly swamp. There is not much clean water left. Right above the surface of  the murky water; tired reptilian eyes.
Humans alienated themselves from the cycles they once belonged to, forgot the creatures, plants and species with whom they used to share the planet.

Those symbiotic relationships were now rumours and tales which no one seemed to believe in anymore. How impossible did it sound to have fresh air, the absence of noise from heavy machines and have fairy tale like creatures walking freely around?   Barely anyone in this world had the imagination or patience for those silly fantasies. At least, most people didn’t.

One day a few kids heard about the old myths. Fascinated by the wonders of these tales they decided to play around, pretending to be the creatures. They gathered fabric, scrabs and objects and covered themselves in weird looking costumes. Suddenly, the cities were not a concrete labyrinth, the lakes not filled with turbid water and the forests not dried out. For a moment, they found an escape under those magical capes returning to a memory of times in assembly and collaboration.

And this memory was still somehow layered in the world, under years of heavy dust and wastelands, and as the kids were making up games and stories, it slowly found its way back. 

Wildness and chaos increased but so did the overall balance.

Mist at dusk. Big bizarre shadows of creatures. It was hard to see in the evening light, but If one would observe closely, human footsteps appeared on the swampy surfaces as the creatures wandered through the misty landscape.