Once upon a time there was a boy, a really good boy. One of those boys that always follow the rules, that never disobey or upset people. He was living in what we could call a “super-ordinary place”, where nothing out of the ordinary ever happened.
It was so normal that everything was expected, nothing inexplicable or fun, bad or crazy would happen.
Things where going so well in this normal place because its inhabitants wrote a big book of rules that everybody followed strictly. The book didn’t prohibit anything but it stated a long list of things to do, how to behave and conduct an ordinary life.

There was only one interdiction. It was stated in the book as follows: “never, never, never look up to the sky or it would be the end of the world as we know it; flames will be out of control, winds will start blowing from opposites directions, the sea level will rise and many unexpected things will happen”.

The boy was happy with his life, why would he jeopardise everything disobeying the most important rule? But he was really curious and he started asking himself unusual things: “where does light come from? What causes this nice feeling of warmth on my skin?”.
 Nobody asked these questions, or at least nobody was enough extraordinary and brave to find answers. Normality was more important than silly questions. The fear of the consequences was too big.

It was still dark the morning he was carrying out of the barn a big jar of milk. The only visible thing was the white and pale silhouette of the roof and the trees around the barn. The jar was almost bigger than the boy and the only way he could carry it was holding the heavy container on his arms, forcing his upper body to tilt backwards under the weight. Moving his head to the right every once and then was the only way to see where I was walking.

But after couple of steps outside of the barn he tripped, losing grip on the heavy jar that inevitably fell to the ground interrupting the calm atmosphere of the summer night.
 Desperate, the boy jumped to the ground trying to save what now looked like a small archipelago of ceramic fragments surrounded by a white sea of milk.

“I never do anything wrong.. I am always following the rules and yet here I am. This was not supposed to happen” - the boy said to himself.
While picking up the pieces he noticed a strange shiny white reflection on the milky pond. Without thinking twice he looked up and after that everyday was unexpected and surprisingly beautiful.